FmWhatsapp Apk 9.60 (Updated) Download Latest Version 2023

FMWhatsapp Apk is better and more useful than the official WhatsApp apk this breaks the limitations of privacy and provides a lot of..

App Name FMWhatsapp
Genre ,
Size 56 MB
Latest Version v9.60
Get it On Google Play
MOD Info Customize Whatsapp
Download (56 MB)
Global Mods
  • Download Status
  • Unlimited Themes
  • Apply Fonts
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Change Whatsapp Icon
  • Use Multiple Accounts
  • Story Saver
  • Supports Multiple Language
Privacy Mods
  • Blue tick after reply
  • Second tick after open messages
  • Hide Chats
  • Blue Tick After Reply
  • Hide View Satus
  • Hide Delivered
  • Hide Blue Tick
  • Hide Forward Tag On Messages
  • Control Who Can Call You
  • See Deleted Status
  • Anti Revoke Messages
What's New (v9.60)


  • Added New “Msg a number” UI design
  • Added Options to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page
  • Added Load custom font (1- Select “Custom” from font style, then 2- use Load font option)
  • Added Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB
  •  Added FMBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily Enabled Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings)


  • Enabled Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message)


  • Fixed Auto reply / forward crash Fixed WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues
  • Fixed Many custom text status icons


  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

Download Latest Version of FMWhatsapp apk (9.60) 2023

Everybody knows that WhatsApp is the most widely used social media platform. Nowadays, there are only a few people who do not use WhatsApp. For all of those who are using WhatsApp, we are providing the FMWhatsApp APK, which is very impressive and more useful than the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is used in many ways, such as for casual social interaction, connecting with loved ones like family, friends, or relatives, and for business purposes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, WhatsApp also helped educational institutions to conduct online classes and connect students by creating class-specific groups and providing notes in those groups.

FMWhatsapp download

What Is FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsApp mod, also known as Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp, is a WhatsApp mod app created by an independent developer named “Fouad Mokdad”.

This is a WhatsApp mod that allows for customization of the app’s appearance according to one’s preferences. In addition, FMWhatsApp also includes a variety of features not found in the original WhatsApp app, such as the ability to hide one’s online status and set custom privacy for each contact.

If you are searching for a WhatsApp mod that can enhance customization and add extra features, FMWhatsApp is an excellent choice. One of the greatest aspects of FMWhatsApp mod is that it is regularly updated with new features, ensuring access to the latest and most advanced features of the app.

how to use FMWhatsapp

Features of FMWhatsapp – Fouad Whatsapp

There are a lot of features which are used and will ease many works. The most interesting feature is hiding online status which is a need of many people, so we are providing so many features like this so let’s see a brief on features of this  app.

Hide Online Status

You can hide your online status from others to prevent them from knowing when you are online. This can be useful in avoiding awkward situations, such as when someone sees you online late at night and asks what you were doing. By using this feature, you can hide your online status.

Freeze Last Seen

By using this feature, you can freeze your last seen and also see the last seen of others simultaneously. This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp app, where you can only hide your last seen.

Hide Blue Tick

You can hide the delivered (double ticks) and read receipts (blue ticks) of messages you receive, which prevents the sender from knowing if you have received or read their message. However, you can manually mark the double ticks and blue ticks when you wish to let the sender know that you have seen their message.

Hide Typing/Recording Status

In this app, you can hide your typing and recording status from the people you chat with. They can’t see your typing and recording action text in their chat.

In-Built Status Saver

save status icon

Here in this Whatsapp, you will get an in-built status saver to download the status of your family and friends. You don’t need to install any other third-party application to download the stories.

In-App Translation

Yes, you heard it right now you can translate any other language in your language by using this feature.

High-Quality Images

This is one of the best features of FM WA you can send high-quality images to your family and friends.

Message Without Saving Number

This feature allows us to message anyone without saving their contact. Number. There is no need to save numbers to message someone.

Remove Forwarded Tag

When we forward a message to someone, there is a tag indicating that the message has been forwarded. By using this feature, we can hide the “forwarded message” tag from the message, so that it appears as if the message was written by us

Privacy and App Lock

Privacy options are the principle reasons people use WhatsApp MOD apps such as Fouad Whatsapp.

In FMWhatsapp, you will also be able to make it secure by locking the app with a PIN or pattern to secure it. These settings are accessible within the menu -> Settings -> Settings for Fouad.

Apply Privacy on Calls

By using this feature we can apply Privacy on calls which means we can choose people who can call us in this apk.

See Deleted Status and Messages

By using this feature, you can view messages that have been deleted by the sender. Additionally, you can also view deleted statuses of people after they have been removed.

Theme Customization

If you are bored of using the ordinary theme of WhatsApp, here in this FM WA you can customize the theme, font, chat color, etc as you want.

Media Sharing

With FMWhatsApp, you have the ability to share more than 30 photos at once and files as large as 700MB. This includes various types of files such as documents, videos, audio, or any other file type that you wish to send without any limitations.


Apart from the built-in emojis available within your keyboard application, You can also select the emoji type you’d like to integrate with this app. You can choose from Facebook, Stock, Emoji One v3, Emoji One v3 for Android, and many more. 

FM Whatsapp 9.60 New Features

  • Preview Video/Photo without saving into your gallery.
  • Repost status Photo/Video on your status.
  • Create polls and voting in groups like in telegram.
  • Now you can translate your chat into any language in just one click.

Privacy Features of FMWhatsapp

FMWhatsApp offers several privacy features that are not available on the official WhatsApp app. These include the ability to hide your online status, last seen, and read receipts. You can also choose to prevent others from adding you to groups. Additionally, Fouad Whatsapp allows you to password protect your chats and even the app.

These privacy features make FMWhatsApp a great choice for those who are concerned about their privacy when using WhatsApp. Additionally, since FM Whatsapp is not affiliated with WhatsApp, it is not subject to the same strict privacy policy as the official WhatsApp app, which means that your data is not shared with WhatsApp or any other third party.

Fmwhatsapp privacy features

Comparison of Whatsapp VS FMWhatsapp

FeatureFMWhatsapp APKWhatsApp
Hide Online StatusX
Airplane ModeX
Add Custom Fonts/StickersX
Status Character LengthMaximum 255Maximum 139
Themes SupportedX
Freeze Last SeenX
Disable Forwarded TagX
Disable/Customize CallingX
Anti-Delete Status/MessagesX
Security LockX
Fully CustomizeX

Pros and Cons FMWhatsapp


The following are the benefits of this App.

  • It also has an anti-delete option that prevents recipients from erasing messages you have sent.
  • You can pick one of the themes from our library which has more than 1000 themes.
  • You can upload ten images within one email.
  • Share massive files that exceed 700 MB.


  • The most significant drawback to this App is the privacy aspect.
  • Developers can see the messages you have sent and received. This can be a threat to your security. Developers could track your activities.
  • The second issue is the speed. The App’s functions are slower than the original App.

Download Previous Version of FMWhatsapp

If you are using an older version of Android, FMWhatsApp may not function properly as it requires the latest version of Android. To install FMWhatsApp on an older device, you will need to download an older version of the app. You can find older versions of FMWhatsApp on GB APK Download, the download link can be found in this article.”

FM Whatsapp 9.30 Download

FMWhatsApp 9.30 is a modded version of the popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp. The “FM” in the name stands for “Fouad Mokdad,” the developer who created this modified version.

FMWhatsApp 9.39 has a multiple features and customization options not available in the original WhatsApp. For example, users can change the app’s theme, font, and background color, as well as access to a wider range of emojis and stickers. It also take care of privacy.

Another notable feature is the ability to schedule messages, which is not available in the official WhatsApp app. This allows users to send messages at a later time, which can be useful for scheduling reminders or messages to friends or family members.

It is important to note that FMWhatsApp is not an official app and is not associated with WhatsApp or Facebook (the parent company of WhatsApp). As with all third-party apps, there is a risk of downloading a version that contains malware or other security vulnerabilities. It is recommended to only download FMWhatsApp from a trusted source.

Overall, FMWhatsApp 9.30 provides users with more customization options and additional features not available in the original WhatsApp.

How to use FmWhatsapp?

One of the most notable features of FMWhatsApp is the ability to customize the app’s interface with various themes, including the option to create custom themes. In addition to this, FMWhatsApp also offers several other features not found in the official WhatsApp app such as the ability to schedule messages, hide your online status, and lock individual chats.

FMWhatsApp is a great alternative to the official WhatsApp app for those looking for more features or a different interface. However, it is not available on the Google Play Store and must be downloaded from a third-party website


  • First of all, you have a wifi or mobile data connection
  • Access to storage
  • Location access
  • Access to contacts and data
  • Can make call and video call 
  • camera access 
  • Microphone access

How to Backup and Restore Data?

Yes! users can also back up their data in this app follow the direction given below to backup your data:-

  • Open the FMWhatsapp and search for the backup set.
  • Now you can save your Whatsapp chat and media in internal or external storage.
backup fmwhatsapp

FMWhatsapp Latest Version (9.60) Download Now!

FMWhatsApp Mod allows you to customize your WhatsApp experience with a wide range of features and options. You can change the appearance of your WhatsApp to suit your preferences. Additionally, it offers a variety of privacy features that make it more secure and private than the official WhatsApp app.

The latest version of FMWhatsApp APK as of February 2023 can be downloaded from the website GB APK DOWNLOAD. To download the app, go to the website, search for the latest version of the APK, and click on the download button. Once downloaded, you can install the app.”

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How to Download and Install FMWhatsapp Apk?

  • Fistly, you have to enable unknown source your device settings.
  • Now, Download FMWhatsapp from the link given in this article.
  • Now, wait till this app gets downloaded in your device.
  • After download click on the install button.
  • Open the apk and allow all the permissions neccessary.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded and installed the app.
How to install fmwhatsapp

How to Update FMWatsapp?

  • First of all, you have to open our website and search for FMWhatsapp latest version.
  • Now click on the link provided in this Article.
  • Download the apk and uninstall the previous version.
  • Click on the install button and open the apk.
  • Congratulations, You have succcessfully updated the app.

FMWhatsapp For PC

If you want to install FMWhatsApp on your PC, then there are two ways by which you can do it. The first one is the official way and the second one is the unofficial way. So, let’s start with the official way:

To install FMWhatsApp on pc, you need to have an Android emulator installed on your pc. There are many Android emulators available in the market, but we will recommend you to use the Bluestacks emulator. Once you have installed the Bluestacks emulator, then follow these steps:

  • Launch the Bluestacks emulator on your PC and then sign in with your Google account.
  • After that, search for “FMWhatsApp” on google and download it.
  • Now, launch the app and start using it.

Now, let’s talk about the unofficial way:

To install Whatsapp on PC using the unofficial way, you need to download the FMWhatsApp apk file first. Once you have downloaded the apk file, then follow these steps:

  • Launch the Bluestacks emulator on your pc and then sign in with your Google account.
  • After that, go to the “My Apps” section and then click on the “Install apk” option.
  • Now, select the FMWhatsApp PC file that you have downloaded and then install it.
  • Once the installation is completed, launch the app and start using it.
Fmwhatsapp on PC

FMWhatsapp for iOS

You can download FMWhatsapp iOS from our site and use it on your iPhone and iPad. This app runs very smoothly on iOS devices. If you want to know how to download and install FMWhatsapp iOS then read the FmWhatsapp iOS article on our site.

FmWhatsapp ios


What is FMWhatsapp Apk?

Ans. It is a modified version of the official Whatsapp app which is developed by Fouad Mokdad, this apk provides some additional features.

Is this apk safe.

Ans. This apk is safe even though I am using this app for the last few months.

Can I install this apk for free?

Ans. Yes, FMWhatsapp apk is free of cost you can install this apk without any cost.

Whatsapp account ban. 

Ans. No there is no banned issue.

Do we have to upgrade FMWhatsapp Apk?

Ans. Yes, if it is necessary then you can update your app. The latest version of FMWhatsapp is 9.50.

Can we use dual FMWhatsapp in one device?

Ans. Yes, you can use dual WhatsApp on one device.


We have discussed everything about this app and it is clear that FMWhatsApp is better and more useful than the official WhatsApp app. It breaks the limitations of privacy and provides a lot of features. So, download this APK and take advantage of its fantastic features. To get more APKs like this, visit our page GB APK Download.

Be Safe Be Happy and enjoy your day.

Download FMWhatsapp Mod Apk (Customize Whatsapp)

Download (56 MB)

You are now ready to download FMWhatsapp  for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.

How to install FMWhatsapp ?

1. Tap the downloaded FMWhatsapp  APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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