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Dubstep DubPad Buttons 1 Apk Download

Dubstep Dub Pad Button 1 Apk App Download

Dubstep Dub Pad allows you to make awesome dubsteps over unique sounds right from your Android phone. It has a great design and is very fun to make your own dubstep sounds with your Android device. With Dub Pad you have access to over 100 unique sounds and 10 different drum patterns. This is the best dubstep app available.  Would love for this to  have a recorder button, but it sadly does not. Read more

MX Player APK App Download (1.7.40)

MX Player APK App Free

This is the BEST video and music player for Android phones. Will save where you left off on videos and music, which is great if you listen to podcast or talk shows. The regular Android music player will start you from beginning if you leave during audio or video play. If you are using anything besides this, download this free apk app and give it a try. Read more